Has Social Media Motivated More People to Become Healthy?

Has the power of social media motivated more people to become healthy? Or is it having the opposite affect on people? The more blogs I read about this, the more I am finding that it really does inspire people to become more healthy. They like reading real life stories because it makes them believe that they are capable of doing just what that person did.

New research published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports showed that the Web, particularly “health buddies” on social media, can positively affect exercise habits. Healthy buddies are people that simply hold you accountable by checking in with you, working out with you and even just providing healthy tips. There are forums, groups and pages all over the internet from Facebook to Instagram and they are only growing.

People are becoming famous for what they are doing and being healthy is taken off more than it ever has. One example is a female named Kayla Itsines. She took her social media accounts from little to no followers to now have over a million followers. Kayla is an inspiration, but what makes her page even more inspiring is that she constantly shares other people’s success stories. Shape magazine did an interview with her and asked this:

Shape: How did you amass such a huge social media following?
KI: As a woman, I understand how women feel. I wanted to help steer women away from the feeling of discomfort with their bodies. Women will send me before and after photos, tell me their story, and I will post those photos. There’s a story someone out there can relate to. It’s not about me, it’s about these women.

Kayla took what she knew and applied it to social media and from there she began to empower women all over the globe. Kayla is just one example of how people become social media sensations via their profile online. There are many more out there and those people are starting to believe in themselves because of other inspirations they have seen online.

I was actually inspired to start sharing my own story based off of my 40 pound weight loss and I created this Facebook page: Britt_Is_Fit 

The page is simply there to help motivate and inspire people. It is not to sell products or shakes. It is a page people can go to when they need a little pick me up. I have had men and women reach out to me via messaging just to talk about their fitness goal and as of very recently, I had a young girl ask me if I could help her create her own inspirational social platform.

Is there any meaning this? Does it matter if people are inspired? Are they actually going out and working out based off of the inspiration they see online?

Regardless, I feel that it is a positive movement for a healthier life for individuals as long as it is done the right way. There will always be negatives out there and there will always be people who don’t believe this is the right way to do it because it could be giving people false hope; however I would disagree as I know when I see a motivational post … I know it is time to get moving! Get ready to see more of this as health has become the biggest craze!


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2 Responses to Has Social Media Motivated More People to Become Healthy?

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’ve given a real-life example of the positive effect of our social connections and changing behavior, what Nicholas Christakis talked about the surprising power of our social networks. Your example was about health but others abound. Great post, Brittany.

  2. Geoff Irwin says:

    I love the story of this post. It is quite the journey you have taken, and based on the number of subscribers to your Facebook page, I’d say I’m not the only one gravitating toward it.

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