Facebook vs. Snapchat: The fight for follower loyalty

Photo courtesy of Tech Insider

Photo courtesy of Tech Insider

Tech Insider recently posted an article about the fight between Facebook and Snapchat in order to control the social messaging market. Masquerade, an app similar to Snapchat was recently purchased by Facebook in an effort to inch their way in to the messaging field. After Facebook’s purchase, Snapchat went ahead and purchased Bitstrips, a business that only found success thanks to Facebook. And more recently, Snapchat ‘borrowed’ a few features that Facebook messenger utilizes in order to enhance their own platform.

The fight seems to just be heating up with both companies looking to become the dominant brand in the market. It’s an interesting turn of events when you consider that in 2014 it was revealed that Snapchat turned down a $3 million offer from Facebook to buy the company!

Both companies seem to be adding new features to platforms based on the success of the other. Facebook added stickers based off of the success they saw on Snapchat and more recently Snapchat added audio and video options to mimic the Facebook platform.

The companies seem to be in dead competition with each other and both want to come out on top. Where will the path of the fight lead, and even better – what benefits will this competition have to consumers? Currently, it seems that both platforms are looking to build the best and most popular platform and that seems to be only enhancing the user experience, however, what negative implications would that have?

With both platforms both now offering stickers, graphics, audio, video, and other similar features, what is your go to messenger app of choice? If the fight continues, what side will you fall on and what messenger options would help you make this decision?

I for one can’t wait to see where these platforms end up and how it will make my messaging with friends and family that much better – but for now, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show!

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One Response to Facebook vs. Snapchat: The fight for follower loyalty

  1. sydhavely says:

    Apt post on this messaging app fight. Today’s NY Times had a piece about how messaging apps are trying to capitalize on their smartphone usage but not degrade the platform or users’ sensibilities by bombarding them with ads. Here’s the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/04/business/media/as-messaging-apps-boom-brands-tiptoe-in.html?ref=todayspaper. Great post.

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