Can you please not read this post? Please!


There is an interesting post about Social Sharing Tips on InfoGraphicsMania.  The most surprising information, to me, was how the use of punctuation in a post could impact the click rate.  According to the article, including a question mark in your post will negatively influence your clicks on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Moreover, the use of an exclamation point in your post on LinkedIn will positively increase your clicks, though it will have the opposite effect on Twitter.  The post compares data using only Twitter and LinkedIn and notes if the post is intended for business to business or business to customer.  There is also data about when to post and should you use a hash tag or not.  I find these tidbits of info interesting.  But why are you reading this?  I told you not to!  Obviously my use of a question mark and exclamation point in the header didn’t stop you from reading this.  Therefore we can unscientifically conclude that the use of these punctuation marks on blogs prompted a click.

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