Google Throws Some Love Facebook’s Way

You may have seen that Facebook released Home (Matt posted a couple weeks back about it, too). Home is a new user interface for Android, which is designed to work well with HTC phones.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the hype with Home until I saw that Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, endorsed it today saying it is “what open source is all about.”

After that, I spent a little time looking at the interface on the Facebook Home site.


I have to say, it looks more attractive than the average phone interface because it uses photos and conversations with friends as an ever-changing design instead of a background that still looks like an old school desktop screen. I’m not signing up for home yet, but excited that social media and open source are getting together like this. I look forward to seeing more technology that does not look like technology and allows the user to customize: choosing the parts they like and syncing up with the social they are already using.

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