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Why YouTube Permits Toxic Videos

Several days ago, Bloomberg reported on the pleadings of several YouTube employees who had been trying for years to get the media giant to take more direct action against violent, obscene, or extremist videos. Yet allegedly, the company decided to … Continue reading

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YouTube: A conspiracy to limit conspiracies?

On Friday, YouTube announced that it will change the way it will recommend videos to users in an attempt to cut down on the amount of misinformation and conspiracy theories that are being promoted on its platform. Predictably, many did … Continue reading

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Outsider Evan recreates a world where he is included using social media in the new broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen

My mom and I spent two days in New York City just before Christmas and got tickets to a new musical on Broadway called Dear Evan Hansen.  Interestingly, the play has a Philadelphia backstory, as co-composer Benj Hasek based some … Continue reading

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Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

http://www.socialbrite.org/2012/02/15/the-7-elements-of-a-social-media-strategic-plan/ In the article found through the link above, we find seven critical aspects to a successful social medial strategy. The article written by a social medial consulting firm, Socialbrite,  in fact was a well designed plug for their upcoming … Continue reading

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Read this… so you don’t get fined

What makes for a successful Super Bowl Media Day interview? Preparation. Spirit. Energy. …Or you can just give the same answer to any question. Marshawn Lynch’s choice of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” just might make this interview … Continue reading

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YouTube, the Babysitter

A recent report says that Google is considering the development of a YouTube specifically for kids under 10. Videos would be guaranteed safe and appropriate for the demographic. Interesting notion. On the surface, YouTube sounds like a great, safe environment for … Continue reading

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Movie the Movie: A YouTube Sensation

In light of the Academy Awards approaching this weekend I would like to speak about a YouTube campaign that Jimmy Kimmel did two years ago and how I played a crucial role in bringing it together.  His show, Jimmy Kimmel … Continue reading

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The Internet: Everyday’s a Party

If you were to characterize your regularly used social media sites, who would they be? Do you often feel overwhelmed and unproductive in navigating them all? Cracked.com recently posted a glimpse at what a real party with the Internet might … Continue reading

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Sweet Brown Hits the Big Screen

This is a prime example of how Youtube provides free marketing which leads to stardom. We’ve seen this happen with celebrities like Justin Bieber. More recently it’s people who have been interviewed by news reporters regarding a crime, accident or … Continue reading

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A Not So Sneaky Peak

  Mercedes released a preview of their Super Bowl commercial on Monday.  The commercial, posted via YouTube, created a flurry of rumors on social media sites and blogs that it was a leak. This included an article in the New … Continue reading

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