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Gather (Online) App

Gather is a new social media platform that is growing quickly. It was started on the New Zealand based crowd funding site called Equitise and International site Seedrs. The company is based in Australia and is growing faster than Snapchat did. … Continue reading

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Mapping out your happy network

As a kid, I loved maps. I would sit for hours on end quietly paging through an atlas. One of my favorites became an atlas of natural resources through which I learned, for example, where the oil producing areas were in … Continue reading

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Why do cats rule the internet? Mysteries of the Internet, revealed

The internet is a vast array of content, ripe for the taking. You can find anything, from the internet archives to any topic of interest on Wikipedia to the latest research to impact the world (completed by Google). But why is … Continue reading

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The Internet: Everyday’s a Party

If you were to characterize your regularly used social media sites, who would they be? Do you often feel overwhelmed and unproductive in navigating them all? Cracked.com recently posted a glimpse at what a real party with the Internet might … Continue reading

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Start Connecting The Dots to Reveal Your Network

Are you happy with your current job?  That’s great!  Have you given any thought to 5 or 10 years down the road? The only thing certain about change is change.  If the company you worked for today was about to … Continue reading

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I Can See Instagram At Work!

Instagram has found its way to your desktop.  Users of Instagram can now view their photo feeds by logging on to their account from the web. Simply log in at http://www.instagram.com.  Instagram originally started out as a mobile app and … Continue reading

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