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Anti-Trump Trumpism: Path to Change?

In Donald Trump’s first 10 days as President, his 22.9 million @realDonaldTrump followers have been served 65+ tweets (and still counting). It is the unadulterated, stream of consciousness voice of our President, alternatively boasting about his inauguration attendance and TV … Continue reading

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Insta-Connections Part III: City to City

Last week I followed up on a post that I wrote about the power of forming connections via social media, specifically Instagram. I purchased my first piece of art through the app, and have been communicating with the artist on … Continue reading

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The Future of Activism

You may remember hearing about students in Quebec protesting tuition hikes this past year, which actually resulted in a freeze on tuition, at least while a new approach could be made to the issue (click here to learn about the … Continue reading

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