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Is Social Media listed on Your Resume?

The typical conversation regarding social media and employment revolves around issues such as what privacy settings to use on personal accounts, and whether or not certain posts should be kept up if they seem inappropriate. Essentially, what can a potential employer find out about you? … Continue reading

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Hashtags don’t track Sh#t

Last week when Instagram suggested which users and  postings I would like based on the people I follow, my feed was inundated with pictures of the runway called Coachella. So as I began to research what I was interested in … Continue reading

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Accentuate the Positive — Mentionology

I love March Madness for several reasons — it unifies the national conversation around something positive namely college basketball, it celebrates the committment and talent of great college athletes and it means spring is almost here.  But, I was intrigued … Continue reading

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Find Beautiful Singles In Your Area! …And how they know where you live

You’ve seen the ads, “Meet Hot Singles in [insert your city here]!” or “Find amazing prices at [closest dealership to your house]!”. …Or at least that’s how I remember them before I started blocking all of my ads (don’t worry, … Continue reading

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iBeacon,the new App Crier!!!

A few of the readings for this weeks class had me thinking of a regular topic that comes up at my studio, iBeacons. We discuss how we can integrate the device into a project that we can pitch to an … Continue reading

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Bottom Line: Social Media Counts

Is social media actually helping your company’s bottom line? That’s the question Frank V. Cespedes asks in the headline of his latest article for the Harvard Business Review. His resounding answer is made clear by the loud graphic sitting atop … Continue reading

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Beyond The Oreo

At last year’s Super Bowl when the lights went out, Nabisco siezed the moment with the now famous “dunking in the dark” tweet.  Since that time, other brands have tried to duplicate that feat and Matt showed us some really good examples … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything…

When it comes to succeeding or failing when using social media to build your brand, timing is everything. In Digiday.com’s article ranking the best and worst social media marketing campaigns from last nights Academy Awards, some insight was given with … Continue reading

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Fast Company asks: “When a trusted viral voice is now in the pocket of a big company, what’s in it for the audience?”

“When a trusted viral voice is now in the pocket of a big company, what’s in it for the audience?” That’s one of the big questions asked by Fast Company writer Adam Popescu in his excellent article, The Fast-Growing, Profitable … Continue reading

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The Face-to-Face Book

Annenberg School for Communication alum Ed Keller (ASC ’79), an expert and consultant in word of mouth research, co-wrote a new book about the rise of social media in marketing campaigns. Keller and his co-author (Brad Fay), after conducting significant research, concluded that … Continue reading

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