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Who Watches you While you Surf the internet?

When I was at my friend’s house yesterday, we searched the web for places to see in Florence (his wedding and honeymoon are approaching). He kept getting a pop up on the side of his browser and I asked him … Continue reading

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Adam Schefter: The Anti-Ambien

For those of you that don’t follow sports, Let me introduce you to Adam Schefter. As a reporter and analyst for ESPN, Adam Schefter has become the foremost authority on big news in Football, namely the NFL. He has done … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce of Online Advertising?

Who has seen an advertisement on their news feed that has made them stop in their tracks?….. Well I have. The one in the picture above was well positioned as I have been searching the web for kitchen ideas. When I … Continue reading

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Have a “tween aged” child? Read this…..

  Margaret Rock did a bit of investigating in her article entitled “What girls really do on Instagram”. Recognizing that the tween generation have mobile devices and are huge consumers of social media, Rock was seeking a number of things. How is … Continue reading

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Want to save your Company $45,000?

Raise your hand if you put your best self forward on Facebook… Your an all-star mom who works full-time, is PTA president, a master chef in your spare time and you let everyone know it via Facebook posts and pictures. … Continue reading

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SCARF: The Powerful Acronym for Building Engagement & Infuence

David Rock, A neuroscientist by trade, filtered through countless studies to try and determine how to influence others and build engagement. He determined that it all boils down to a simple acronym: SCARF. Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness & Fairness, according … Continue reading

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