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Is Social Media listed on Your Resume?

The typical conversation regarding social media and employment revolves around issues such as what privacy settings to use on personal accounts, and whether or not certain posts should be kept up if they seem inappropriate. Essentially, what can a potential employer find out about you? … Continue reading

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Let’s Get VIS-U-AL, I Wanna Get VIS-U-AL!

In our fast paced world, Infographics allow readers to digest a quantity of information, sometimes complex,  in a concise eye appealing visual presentation form.   A current student of social media, I decided to explore this phenomenon. For more about Infographics: What … Continue reading

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HootSuite University

On the Social Media Today group via LinkedIn, one topic of discussion was HootSuite University’s certification program.  The costs of enrolling in HootSuite University is $30.99 a month.  This membership fee allows you to, “Stay up to date in today’s rapidly changing media landscape … Continue reading

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Netflix Makes It Crystal Clear

What is one of the most important qualities of a good manager?  As an HR professional with over 25 years of experience I would tell you it’s the ability to MANAGE EXPECTATIONS.  Many times I have observed performance or “personality” … Continue reading

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