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Facebook vs. Snapchat: The fight for follower loyalty

Tech Insider recently posted an article about the fight between Facebook and Snapchat in order to control the social messaging market. Masquerade, an app similar to Snapchat was recently purchased by Facebook in an effort to inch their way in … Continue reading

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Examining Acts of Support through Social Media Research

With the recent terrorist acts worldwide, social media users have been taking to their accounts in order to show support for those affected, let family and friends know they are safe, and to help others locate important safety resources. Platforms … Continue reading

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Autism, Social Media, and Business

Last summer I had the opportunity to begin mentoring within SAP’s Autism at Work program, which looks to integrate people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with the rest of the workforce. People with ASD can have challenges making eye contact, … Continue reading

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Shattering Perfection: Living Life Unfiltered

  One of the biggest draws of using Instagram is that users can choose from an assortment of filters that make their selfies look flawless, and all other produced images look as if a professional took them. We have talked a lot … Continue reading

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On Tuesday, Locowise posted a ‘how to’ guide for dealing with negative comments on Facebook. It’s short, sweet, and accurate – who could ask for anything more? It got me thinking; when managing a brand’s social presence there is always … Continue reading

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The Social Network 2.0: Emerging Trends

Growing up I was always fascinated with technology and the different ways that it impacted my daily life.  Though I do not have much of a perspective on what life as an adult is like without e-mails, cell phones and … Continue reading

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The best Facebook page ever?

A lot of brands spend a lot of money on their Facebook strategies, but sometimes the most resources in the world can’t buy you the kind of authenticity, playfyl tone, fun, and stickiness of the Isles of Sicily Police Facebook … Continue reading

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