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Making use of the big data we have

The advent of IoT and Big Data has given us access to information that we have never have access to before. Once we have access to the data, making use of it requires more than just the click of a … Continue reading

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Are our privacy concerns over our data standing in the way of medical advances?

As we prepare to dive into Big Data next week in class, this article in the New York Times challenges both doctors and patients to stop resisting the transition to digitizing medical records. Writing in Use Your Data To Cure … Continue reading

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How does the NFL use Big Data to drive engagement

Football is an incredibly data centric sport, and many fans eat that data for lunch (or tailgating). They use the data to answer questions on who will win, who will perform better, and which quarterback has the best chance of a … Continue reading

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If only Batman used a Crowd Sourcing Tool

Not sure if anyone who is reading this blog post watches Gotham on Fox, but I sure do. It’s a new version of Batman, only Bruce Wayne is still a kid and the main character is really Detective Jim Gordan, … Continue reading

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iBeacon,the new App Crier!!!

A few of the readings for this weeks class had me thinking of a regular topic that comes up at my studio, iBeacons. We discuss how we can integrate the device into a project that we can pitch to an … Continue reading

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G-I-G-O and GIGO was it’s Name-O!

Garbage In, Garbage Out. We all know the idea when we here it and why “GIGO” is such an overlooked topic in this Big Data era. I could not resist sharing this piece by Nate Silver on his website fivethirtyeight.com … Continue reading

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This post is not about the Super Bowl, but it is about sports (Hockey and Big Data)

This is the part where it gets tricky: I am by no means a researcher and the last math class I took (and failed) was trig back in the dinosaur days. However, if you’re looking for a very good overview … Continue reading

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