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Accentuate the Positive — Mentionology

I love March Madness for several reasons — it unifies the national conversation around something positive namely college basketball, it celebrates the committment and talent of great college athletes and it means spring is almost here.  But, I was intrigued … Continue reading

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The latest social media usage trends from the Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center is an excellent resource to understand the latest internet, tech and social media trends. Their latest report, Social Media Site Usage 2014 is a good place to start to get a snapshot of what Americans are … Continue reading

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Tweeting a Guide to Behavior Management

Twitter recently compiled data that broke down users emotions and behaviors by month and date for 2013.  Not surprisingly,  users were late for work with more regularity on weekdays during summer months than the months in fall, winter, or spring. … Continue reading

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<3 on Facebook is Predictable

As differently as people seem to approach potential relationships, Facebook has revealed that some of our actions are very predictable indicators of an oncoming relationship. The hints begin about 100 days before the ‘official’ Facebook status change from ‘single’ to … Continue reading

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The sneaky exponential – Sarnoff, Metcalfe and Reed

Darwinian economics in social media is not difficult to understand, its simple math.  How many times did a high school math teacher remind you that the product of an exponential number was larger than the value of the whole number … Continue reading

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I used to read the newspaper now I read twitter

          I admit it.  I finally joined the twitter world.  I held out for a really long time not understanding the value of yet another social media platform or wanting to spend more time on additional … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Tried Wolf … ram

You may remember the introduction of Wolfram|Alpha, the world’s first computational knowledge engine. It’s very different from Google and other search avenues, primarily because it performs analysis on many data sources before returning an integrated, clearly presented answer to your … Continue reading

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