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Facebook’s Troll Alert

Is someone stealing your Facebook identity? Facebook is being proactive by developing a tool that notifies users if someone has tapped into their account.  It’s called the troll hunter.  The tool will analyze the account names and profile pictures to … Continue reading

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What Will The Pope Post?

Pope Francis, also known as “The Cool Pope”, broke a record.  He has a new Instagram account and he had 1 million followers in under 12 hours.  Wow! When I initially saw a headline that Pope Francis uses social media, … Continue reading

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Collective Action Forces SeaWorld to End Killer Whale Breeding

It started with the horrific and terrifying death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld’s Orlando, Florida theme park venue whose public performance with killer whale Tilikum on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 ended with her being dragged underwater and mauled, … Continue reading

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Social Media Gives Horizontal Thumb on Mitt Romney’s Anti-Trump Speech

                   Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney lambasting                      Donald Trump. It was like the former Republican presidential nominee was coming into the … Continue reading

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Snapping Your Speed

Three young women in their early twenties were in a fatal car accident on December 20, 2015 in Philadelphia. Their car plunged into a tractor-trailer filled with herbicide, which caused the truck and car to burst into flames. How did … Continue reading

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The Snow in A Subtropical Country

As the blizzard paralyzed several states in the East Coast with strong wind and heavy snow few days ago, Taiwan was experiencing unbelievable cold weather – and snow scenery – in the meantime. As the subtropical country located at the … Continue reading

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Do Political Ads for Hillary Clinton or the Republican Nominee Need a Female Will Lyman? New Study Says Male Voice-overs Predominate

Question: Would a political ad voice-over by the “Frontline” narrator Will Lyman in political ads mean more credibility for likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or, better yet, is there a female version equally powerful and credible? A  2015 study … Continue reading

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