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I want to be part of the crowd! I also want to make money!

So if you want to make money, particularly in the stock market  an old adage says don’t follow the crowd they’ll lead you over a cliff.  However, the wisdom of the crowd is the novel idea behind crowd-sourcing.   And of … Continue reading

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Buy / Vote / Give via #Action Hashtags

In general, hashtags have served as a way to tag and find content. They have been a tool for conversation. But what if you could actually make something physically happen, such as a purchase, via a simple social media post. … Continue reading

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The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Dan Pallotta, who invented the AIDS Ride fundraiser, just completed a TED talk in March about why the way we think about charitable giving is wrong and how we can change it. I urge you to check it out here: … Continue reading

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Changing the Game

Dan Pallotta has a lot to say about non-profit fund-raising. “Everything the donating public has been taught about giving is dysfunctional, says AIDS Ride founder Dan Pallotta. He aims to transform the way society thinks about charity and giving and change.” … Continue reading

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Amex Pay by Tweet Launch – The New Virtual Marketplace

I recently received an email notification asking me to sync my American Express card with my Twitter profile… I immediately deleted the email as if it was spam. Natasha Lomas, writing for TechCrunch, summarizes how to use, “Payments are made … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding is the New Online Piggy Bank

The way to give money to either non-profits, a specific cause, or to help launch an idea or project has drastically changed in the last decade. As someone with a strong interest in non-profit and corporate giving, and since I … Continue reading

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How do you invite people to an event now?!?!

I recently decided to host my first fundraiser with a friend/classmate in my program.  After attending a Young in Philadelphia event that addressed the state of young philanthropy, I was inspired to get involved and help fundraise for a local … Continue reading

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