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Race, Sex, and Self-Disclosure–Social Media and Our Authentic Self

Starbucks’ “Race Together” slogan aims to get people talking about the subject. They used to call social security “the third rail of American politics” for the reason that “Anyone who tries to touch it gets electrocuted,” a quote attributed to … Continue reading

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Why do cats rule the internet? Mysteries of the Internet, revealed

The internet is a vast array of content, ripe for the taking. You can find anything, from the internet archives to any topic of interest on Wikipedia to the latest research to impact the world (completed by Google). But why is … Continue reading

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TV Comedy’s Look at Ourselves–Two Sides of the Coin: S.N.L. and Jon Stewart

Tina Fey taking a selfie with Maya Rudolph and Martin Short. The reviews for S.N.L.’s 40th anniversary were basically positive: “Funny, except when it wasn’t (40 years on, same as it ever was).”  It’s hard to be funny at a … Continue reading

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