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How Instagram helped me (and Penn Swimming fans) through a weekend of highs and lows

Last Wednesday night kicked off the Women’s Ivy League Swimming Championships.  The swim season starts in September and we train 8-9 times a week throughout the year until this meet.  Swimming is a unique sport in the we don’t get the … Continue reading

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Social Media Fulfillment or Just Constant Anticipation of a Reward?

Over winter break, I read a book called The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.  While it was more focused on how we as human beings seek out rewards, it made me think about my social media usage and why we … Continue reading

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Super Bowl ads get political and spark social media engagement, but do they lead to increased product sales?

If you were hoping to watch some playful, comedic Super Bowl commercials, last night’s ads were different than what we usually see.  The commercials were littered with deeper political meanings, continuing with the current trend of sparking unruly social media commentary. … Continue reading

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Impulsive, Emotional Tweets Win a Presidency; Now What?

Twitter makes it’s money by tracking tweets and retweets.  They can sell the data regarding a particular user, and because of this, much of Twitter’s success depends on the user impulsivity in their tweets.  To have a successful twitter campaign, … Continue reading

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Outsider Evan recreates a world where he is included using social media in the new broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen

My mom and I spent two days in New York City just before Christmas and got tickets to a new musical on Broadway called Dear Evan Hansen.  Interestingly, the play has a Philadelphia backstory, as co-composer Benj Hasek based some … Continue reading

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