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The Social Media Breakup Aftermath

I spent the weekend in Virginia Beach with two of my college friends and I’m still chuckling at a social media relevant story my friend was telling me.  One of her friend’s feels the need to involve others in her … Continue reading

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Gather (Online) App

Gather is a new social media platform that is growing quickly. It was started on the New Zealand based crowd funding site called Equitise and International site Seedrs. The company is based in Australia and is growing faster than Snapchat did. … Continue reading

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Time Wasted?

  How many times have you put off something because you just didn’t have time or were “too busy” to do it?  I find myself in this boat sometimes, but the truth is, I waste plenty of my time on … Continue reading

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The Balance of Online and Offline Connections

When Adam spoke to our class last week one of the questions he was asked was if he thought that video and media is too much of a distraction from being in the moment. His answer was that he didn’t … Continue reading

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Soshee-Cute or Creepy?

One of the newest “enchanted objects” that will be coming to market is this Social Media Robot Dog, called the Soshee.  Soshee is taken to be a shortening of “social”, and is looks just like Mark Zuckerberg’s Hungarian Puli Dog. … Continue reading

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You Are What You Share

  So far in this 2016-2017 school year, online group messages have caused some serious issues for a few Collegiate Sports Teams. Harvard Men’s Soccer, Columbia Men’s Wrestling, Amherst Cross Country, and Princeton Men’s Swimming have all had their seasons ended … Continue reading

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Emotions Are So, Like, Whatever 🙃

While I was reading some of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point this morning, I continuously tried to connect what I was reading to how it relates to “social” media.  Gladwell talks about the specialized human trait some people posses that … Continue reading

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