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Greys Anatomy Forever?

    Greys Anatomy recently celebrated their 15th year, 332nd episode and according to Justin Chambers (Alex Karev, MD), television history! The question is, how long is this epic show going to be on, how have they lasted this long, … Continue reading

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Instagram Immaturity

Donald Trump JR. has taken Instagram immaturity to a new level! As son of The President of the United States of America, there is a certain level of respect that should be shown, whether a person agrees with that or … Continue reading

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Earn Money AND Lose Weight?!

In the era of challenges, one of the best ways ‘Insta Famous’ fitness influencers gain attention (and income) can be by creating a DietBet. A Dietbet is a challenge usually hosted over a month where you pay a set amount -typically … Continue reading

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Will the World End Without Social Media?

What are the ramifications of a world without social media? At first thought the answer should be: NOTHING! Should a person’s life depend on social media? Should anything change if it magically vanished? At first you would think nothing would change, … Continue reading

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Social Media’s Advertisements… on Social Media?

Nobody can deny the impact social media has had on people within the last decade from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. However, how embedded into our lives has social media become to warrant advertising for social media, ON social media? Popular … Continue reading

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When Sharing Is Not Caring

With the new age of watching everything that comes out of a persons mouth upon us, when is sharing no longer caring? Social Media influencers such as Kayla Itsines sponsor ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to grow their … Continue reading

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The Momo Challenge; Hoax or Danger?

Social Media user named Momo surfaced in Summer 2018 as an internet challenge that rapidly spread on Facebook and other social media platforms. Unlike other social media challenges that are helpful such as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge of Summer 2014, … Continue reading

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Brita USA Gets Creative With The Bachelorette Cast

Like most companies, Brita USA, is taking full advantage of the more cost effective way to advertise their products by using social media! The company posted a Sponsored Ad on Instagram where Brita’s actor – the popular fan favorite Bachelorette … Continue reading

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Lexus Launches ‘The New Renaissance’ Campaign!

Lexus recently launched “The New Renaissance” campaign for the redesigned 2019 Lexus UX! The campaign features Sir the Baptist, an American hip hop and R&B artist who hopes to spread Gospel artist exposure! Lexus has captioned the campaign on YouTube … Continue reading

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Social Media is the New Billboard?

Well known companies such as Kate Spade New York have ditched the pricey billboard ads for a more budget friendly social media post to showcase their latest and greatest fashion trends! Last week Kate Spade New York announced their brands new … Continue reading

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