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Hashtags don’t track Sh#t

Last week when Instagram suggested which users and  postings I would like based on the people I follow, my feed was inundated with pictures of the runway called Coachella. So as I began to research what I was interested in … Continue reading

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Pinterest is Man-ifying Itself

We all know that advertisers help dictate the way businesses are usually positioned. Well, count Pinterest in as a company that recognizes it needs to diversify the audience to expand your bottom line. The subject has been written about for … Continue reading

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If only Batman used a Crowd Sourcing Tool

Not sure if anyone who is reading this blog post watches Gotham on Fox, but I sure do. It’s a new version of Batman, only Bruce Wayne is still a kid and the main character is really Detective Jim Gordan, … Continue reading

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Is that a Banana Bunker in your pants?

Who doesn’t love a good double entendres when it comes to humor? Puns and double entendres may have been the building blocks of early comedic acts before it was socially acceptable to insert cursing and other forms of humor into … Continue reading

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Sam Hinke just predicted the 2016 presidential elections!

Alright, Sam Hinke won’t be making a public prediction of the 2016 presidential winner, but analytics and algorithms will be sure to take a crack at it. That is after they’re done predicting who will win the NCAA Tournament This … Continue reading

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iBeacon,the new App Crier!!!

A few of the readings for this weeks class had me thinking of a regular topic that comes up at my studio, iBeacons. We discuss how we can integrate the device into a project that we can pitch to an … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad-ass Viral Video

My wife and I discovered Breaking Bad long after the series built an audience and well after the show’s unbelievable viral marketing campaign to build a following. Prior to season one AMC ran a marketing campaign that should have copy-cats … Continue reading

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