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Is This the End?

Well, the semester is almost over.  How sad! I want to extend a personal “thank you” to Bruce and Syd for organizing and teaching this class.  It’s been really beneficial and eye-opening for me, and I’m happy to report that … Continue reading

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More Charlie Sheen

I know, I know.  I’m a hypocrite for still talking about Charlie Sheen.  But, as a student of social media, I see it as my duty to report on the latest trends. Charlie Sheen and Friends stream live on Saturday … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen: A Timeline.

I’m really not sure what else to say.  If you’ve been following trends in social media this week, it’s inevitable that you’ve heard about Charlie Sheen.  However, some of us do live under a rock -myself included at times- so … Continue reading

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Case Study: A Business is Born

I’m sure we can all name at least one company who has wowed with their social media strategy.  Perhaps they were launching a new product or service and turned to viral to take it to the masses.  But, what happens … Continue reading

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Life in the EGOsystem: The “Me” In Social Media

Are you a Commenter, Complainer, Conversationalist or a Curator?  Or maybe none of the above? Brian Solis recently wrote this article on identifying the behavioral patterns of social media users. Benevolence, unselfish behavior that encourages reciprocity and recognition, is at … Continue reading

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Got Klout?

I don’t – yet.  Well I suppose a Klout score of 30 isn’t bad, considering I’m fairly new to the Twitterverse. Just one month ago I wrote this post about increasing your followers on Twitter.  At the time, I had … Continue reading

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Social Media Predicts the Future

Or at least the 2011 Grammy winners, according to this infographic by Meltwater Group. The predictions were based off the amount of social media buzz surrounding each artist, as measured by Meltwater Buzz.  Are they correct?  My Magic 8 Ball … Continue reading

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Case Study: Audi #ProgressIs Super

Audi recently launched an ad campaign for the 2011 Super Bowl that features a Twitter hashtag as part of the advertisement.  This is the first time that any advertiser has used such a tactic in their television spots. A driving … Continue reading

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Egypt: A TwitPic Is Worth Countless Words

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Touchdowns and Hashtags: Audi Ads Reach for Extra Yardage

The day has finally arrived.  Super Bowl Sunday (can I write that without getting sued?) is the day when football fans across America converge to watch the two best teams in football duke it out for top NFL honors.  For … Continue reading

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