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Pardonnez-moi? Trump pardons Scooter.

On Friday, Trump granted a pardon to Lewis “Scooter” Libby. In case you have forgotten (or mentally blocked out) Scooter, he was the Chief of Staff to former Vice President, Dick Cheney. He was convicted of perjury and obstruction of … Continue reading

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Soy vey! Trade war will impact U.S farmers.

According to Trump “trade wars are good, and easy to win”. This tweet was in reference to the announcement of tariffs first against steel and aluminum, and then against approximately $50 billion in imports from China. Countries such as Brazil, … Continue reading

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Trump has a weekend Twitter tantrum….again.

Donald Trump apparently has a bee in his bonnet about the E-Commerce giant, Amazon. In a Twitter tantrum on his way to the golf course, Trump claimed that the company’s use of the Postal Service causes “tremendous loss to the … Continue reading

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6 Minutes and 20 seconds

  Student activist Emma Gonzalez held an emotional moment of silence at the “March of our lives” rally in Washington D.C Saturday. Actually 6 minutes and 20 seconds of silence which was the duration of the gunman’s rampage in Parkland, … Continue reading

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Facebook in Hot Water…Again

Cambridge Analytica, a voter-profiling company  that worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign and its related company, Strategic Communications Laboratories, stole data from over 50 million Facebook users.     As a startup company, Cambridge secured a wealthy Republican donor, Robert Mercer, … Continue reading

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2018 Cherry Blossoms: Not all is lost in D.C!

  Earlier this week the National Park Service went on “Bloom Watch” and have determined cherry blossoms are expected to peak in mid March (14th-17th). Due to the warmer than average weather in February, the National Park Service predicts an … Continue reading

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Teachers Are Educators, Not Security Guards.

  Last Wednesday, the White House held a 90 minute listening session for survivors, parents and teachers of school mass shootings. Trump, Pence and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos asked for input on how to prevent future school shootings. During … Continue reading

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