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Are You Really Who You Portray Online? Baby Edition. #ParentalOversharing

Lucky me.  I’m at the age where my social media feeds are regularly overflowing with photos of my friend’s children.  Some post photos just hours after being born.  That means the odds of their social media network seeing their newborn … Continue reading

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Ignorance to social media can cost you companies millions. 

Thanks to a few videos that quickly went viral, the actions of United Airlines employees have caused their value to drop almost $700 million. If you haven’t seen this yet be warned the images can be hard to watch. United … Continue reading

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Trump is ready to sell your most personal information to the highest bidder. 

This week President Trump (excuse me while I gag), signed a repeal to the Obama-era privacy regulations to protect how exactly users use the internet.   Trump’s repeal allows any internet service provider such as Comcast, AT&T, Optimum, Verizon, and … Continue reading

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A Vlog on Vlogging and Exactly How Difficult Vlogging Is.

Vlogging is a video based form of blogging.  It hasn’t taken off as quickly as blogging did primarily due to the fact there aren’t enough people learning how to best utilize video shooting and editing abilities. Fortunately for smartphones that … Continue reading

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How Important is Your Personal Brand?

When it comes to living on social media, consistency is one of the most important features one can have.  It allows you to easily tie in all different types of social media platforms available.  For example you can find me on … Continue reading

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Amazon Knows If You’ve Been Bad or Good, So Be Good For Goodness Sake.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest sources of Big Data.  They have a massive customer pool of 152 million, that they’ve used big data to customize shopping solutions for over a decade.  They use big data to create a … Continue reading

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With The Upcoming IPO of Snapchat, This Is Why I Will Not Be Investing.

As you may have read in my previous post The Latest Victim of Social Media Darwinism, how I talk about Vine’s lack of attention to detail that lead to an unfavorable pivot in application execution. Instagram played a huge role … Continue reading

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Strive To Live The Life You Portray On Social Media

I’ve always found it incredibly interesting to find out why people share, like, and post the things they do.  Plenty of experiments have been done to show that people need to fulfill their narcissistic tendencies.  Others enjoy sharing (sometimes oversharing) … Continue reading

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How Third Eye Blind “Kept Their Music Alive”

Surely you remember the tunes, “Semi-Charmed Life”, “Jumper”, or “How’s It Gonna Be” from Third Eye Blind’s debut 1997 self titled album.  If not, you have my permission to stop reading this and move on to refreshing your twitter feed … Continue reading

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Chances Social Media Lead to His Success?

100%.  If you don’t know his name by name by now you should.  Chance the Rapper is one of today’s hottest artists.  His latest album “Coloring Book” just took home the grammy award for Best Rap Album.  What’s so unique … Continue reading

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