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The genocide you don’t know about (but should)

When I was in high school, I had an Armenian friend. I went to her house once and found a book. The title escapes me now, but it was somewhere along the lines of “the Forgotten People.” I asked her about … Continue reading

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When you give a mouse (or a trackpad) a tool to donate…

  This past weekend, I, like many others, posted about Earth Day. I noticed when I posted that Facebook gave me an option to add a donate button to the post. As a Nonprofit Leadership student, I was intrigued by this … Continue reading

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Baby, she was born to run

Today, thousands of people are running in the Boston Marathon, arguably the most important marathon to take place in the United States. And social media is blowing up! Live Tweets are coming from the event, and several articles about the event … Continue reading

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Slacktivism, or virtual activism?

Saturday Night Live hit the nail of Slacktivism right on the head. This past Saturday, comedian Louis C.K. hosted the long-running comedy sketch show. Among the several typical deprecating, satirical sketches was a faux-music video in vague Reggae style praising the socially conscious, … Continue reading

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The Diva misconstrued

In a weird, sort of uncharacteristic move, the New York Times published an article on April 5th entitled “The Diva Departs: Renée Fleming’s Farewell to Opera.” In it, the author claimed that the prolific American diva was “retiring from opera.” … Continue reading

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Yelp for Help: A brief look at review prioritization

  Last night, I ordered some food online from a local restaurant. Since I lived within walking distance of the place, I opted for pickup. My food should have been ready by 9:15, but I waited at the bar for … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Buzz: a brief look at the Facebook train of the remake

This past Friday, my inner child squealed with delight as I sat in the darkened theater and heard the opening score to the live-action remake of my favorite film from the Disney Renaissance, Beauty and the Beast. I cried, I laughed, I … Continue reading

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