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A Subscription to Facebook…

So, would you, or wouldn’t you?  Does a subscription to Facebook – a once free online social media platform – sound like something you’d invest in?  If so, what’s the cut-off?  How much would you be willing to pay in … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

Over the weekend, another chemical attack was launched against Syrian civilians in the town of Douma, taking over 40 innocent lives and injuring upwards of 500.  Devastation was everywhere. The first wave of this attack appeared to use chlorine gas.  … Continue reading

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A Second Chance at Life

For those of us who have listened to the largely popular podcast, ‘Serial’, and flown through the first season at break-neck speed, the most exciting developments are still to come… After airing in 2014, the podcast captured the attention of … Continue reading

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Buzzfeed & Cultural Cartography

So what is it?  What’s the magic recipe?  What is it about certain media that makes it go viral? According to Dao Nguyen, the content must meet one of these needs in order for the viewer to like and share: “Makes … Continue reading

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A More Truly Social Media

It’s called Playbook, and it’s a new app that is starting to catch fire… The premise of Playbook is to help you find out what other people are doing around you, so you can join them offline.  What I find … Continue reading

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‘No Civil Discourse, No Cooperation; Misinformation, Mistruth’

Chamath Palihapitiya, a former Facebook executive, spoke recently to an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business and this was his main message.  Palihapitiya worries that social media is ripping apart society. Palihapitiya joined the Facebook team in 2007 as … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Becoming the New LinkedIn?

Maybe not quite.  But they’re certainly heading in the right direction. Just last year, Facebook provided users in the U.S. and Canada the ability to search for, and apply to jobs on their site.  Now, they’re expanding to make this … Continue reading

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