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Twitter dolls up

Twitter added some make-up with its recent profile page redesign. The spruced up appearance, that strikingly resembles a Facebook profile minus the steroids, is remarkably appealing and easy to digest. Personalization is the name of this game. The profile picture and … Continue reading

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New Snap from: Major League Baseball

Snapchat: The mobile social picture sharing tool that has established a huge user network based on sending images that appear on a recipient’s screen for 1 to 9 seconds, based on the sender’s discretion. The service has found a niche between friends … Continue reading

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A personal assistant should not invoke fear

Microsoft has announced its new Windows Phone virtual personal assistant, Cortana. The new beta product is meant to provide Apple Siri-like functionality to the Windows Phone and integrates with various phone functionality including apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Windows Phone … Continue reading

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YouTube, the Babysitter

A recent report says that Google is considering the development of a YouTube specifically for kids under 10. Videos would be guaranteed safe and appropriate for the demographic. Interesting notion. On the surface, YouTube sounds like a great, safe environment for … Continue reading

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NPR joins iTunes Radio

In what feels like an earnest push in legitimizing the newly released iTunes Radio as a true radio presence, NPR and Apple have flipped a switch making the popular talk radio station freely available through the internet platform. NPR is … Continue reading

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iOS8 Fitness with Healthbook App

Apple is rumored to be making a jump into fitness and health monitoring with iOS8, which will be released later this year. Recent photos of the alleged ‘Healthbook’ app show a variety of areas that could possibly be monitored by … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Amounts of Stock Images for Free…Legally

Once upon a time (last week), Getty Images functioned as a huge repository of watermarked photographs available for sale — paying, of course, would remove the watermark and grant usage of the photo. This model was far from flawless: Internet … Continue reading

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