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Twitter dolls up

Twitter added some make-up with its recent profile page redesign. The spruced up appearance, that strikingly resembles a Facebook profile minus the steroids, is remarkably appealing and easy to digest. Personalization is the name of this game. The profile picture and … Continue reading

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New Snap from: Major League Baseball

Snapchat: The mobile social picture sharing tool that has established a huge user network based on sending images that appear on a recipient’s screen for 1 to 9 seconds, based on the sender’s discretion. The service has found a niche between friends … Continue reading

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A personal assistant should not invoke fear

Microsoft has announced its new Windows Phone virtual personal assistant, Cortana. The new beta product is meant to provide Apple Siri-like functionality to the Windows Phone and integrates with various phone functionality including apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Windows Phone … Continue reading

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YouTube, the Babysitter

A recent report says that Google is considering the development of a YouTube specifically for kids under 10. Videos would be guaranteed safe and appropriate for the demographic. Interesting notion. On the surface, YouTube sounds like a great, safe environment for … Continue reading

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NPR joins iTunes Radio

In what feels like an earnest push in legitimizing the newly released iTunes Radio as a true radio presence, NPR and Apple have flipped a switch making the popular talk radio station freely available through the internet platform. NPR is … Continue reading

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iOS8 Fitness with Healthbook App

Apple is rumored to be making a jump into fitness and health monitoring with iOS8, which will be released later this year. Recent photos of the alleged ‘Healthbook’ app show a variety of areas that could possibly be monitored by … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Amounts of Stock Images for Free…Legally

Once upon a time (last week), Getty Images functioned as a huge repository of watermarked photographs available for sale — paying, of course, would remove the watermark and grant usage of the photo. This model was far from flawless: Internet … Continue reading

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Apple Turns to Tumblr to Save the 5c?

The iPhone 5c, Apple’s attempt at a more affordable version of the standard iPhone, has been fluttering around since its release on September 20, 2013. The more-wallet friendly model hasn’t made as a big of a splash as Apple forecasted, … Continue reading

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Is WhatsApp Worth 19B?

Facebook recently completed the acquisition of WhatsApp — the popular mobile messaging giant — and its 450 million users. Of those users, a staggering 70% of them are active on WhatsApp on a daily basis. The app is en-route to … Continue reading

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<3 on Facebook is Predictable

As differently as people seem to approach potential relationships, Facebook has revealed that some of our actions are very predictable indicators of an oncoming relationship. The hints begin about 100 days before the ‘official’ Facebook status change from ‘single’ to … Continue reading

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