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Public Shaming on Social Media: Voice for the Disenfranchised or Reputation Destroyer?

One of the headlines this week at our business school is the public shaming of one person. What was intended to be a “lighthearted joke” against an ethnic group has now turned into a hailstorm of insults against the author … Continue reading

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Does your firm and should your firm have policies for social media usage in the workplace?

In my previous role as an analyst at a large investment bank, I was not allowed to use social media at work. It did not matter that I practically spent my entire life in the office. Plenty of firms have … Continue reading

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Social Media is making us more flaky and we need to talk about it

Flakiness is loosely defined as not withholding your commitments and cancelling on them at the last minute. According to Kate Hakala of the blog Mic, flakiness is on the rise, and social media is among one of the bigger factors … Continue reading

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Does Social Media Reduce Political Polarization?

As much as we like to think of ourselves as adaptable, open-minded individuals, in my opinion, we are stubborn human beings who hate to get our values challenged. Offline (i.e. in the real world), our friends and networks are more … Continue reading

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Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever Campaign is Redefining Marketing to Millennials

The prevalence of marketing campaigns such as Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever” suggests that there is a paradigm shift in the way advertisers are reaching millennials, writes Jeff Fromm, a millennial expert, from the Forbes Magazine. Advertisers normally follow the … Continue reading

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Does social media really lead to more engagement with politicians?

Social media has often been touted as increasing our political engagement. A recent Pew Survey found that more social media users are following politicians on Twitter and Facebook and many more are seeking political discussions and views on this new … Continue reading

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The opportunity for social media in India

Indian weddings used to be a very sober affair. You would normally be lectured on the importance of being a good husband, on saving up to buy a house, and to make sure to attend temples every week. Which is … Continue reading

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