Instagram makes online shopping that much easier.

A large part of today’s social media users have seen the upward trend of advertising, buying and selling clothes on different sites. I have friends who tag the companies they are wearing in their posts, and I also see tons of celebrities modeling and using their post as an ad for different clothing companies, too. While I have known of certain companies like Poshmark, that allows you to sell and buy clothes to users of the app, this was the first I have seen of allowing purchases within an actual social media app.

Instagram has introduced Checkout. As you see in the video above, when you tap to view a product from a brand’s shopping post, you’ll then see a button that says “Checkout on Instagram”. You only have to enter your information the first time you place an order and then not again – how convenient! Not only is this quick and easy, but Instagram itself will send you different notifications of your confirmation and each step along the way of its physical journey to your doorstep. There are select brands in the initial phase, with promise of more to come.

Ashley Yuki, the Instagram product executive who is in charge of shopping, says that 130 million people look at product tags each month inside the app. She also states that there is so much potential in online shopping and no one has really nailed down mobile shopping yet, so it was too big of an opportunity to pass up. Instagram will not say how much, but they will take a piece of each transaction, what they call a “selling fee”.

Checkout seems like a brilliant idea. This makes online shopping so easy and streamlined for users. In my own experience with Pinterest, I was always frustrated that I had to go search for a different site or be forwarded along to a new site when I liked one of the products on their platform. With the convenience of this new feature, I can’t even begin to image the revenue these retailers and Instagram are going to see. This also opens the door for other sites to hop on the bandwagon…


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1 Response to Instagram makes online shopping that much easier.

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done. Great post. Another victory for seamless shopping, yes?

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