Greys Anatomy Forever?



Greys Anatomy recently celebrated their 15th year, 332nd episode and according to Justin Chambers (Alex Karev, MD), television history! The question is, how long is this epic show going to be on, how have they lasted this long, and how are they still relevant? Its often believed they’ve stayed relevant so long due to social media! Log onto Facebook or Instagram nearly any day of the week and you’ll find one of the numerous cast members posting a sneak peak clip of the episode to come, an on set photo with the cast, or an event they went to! Greys has undoubtedly kept their loyal fans over the years with their talent and when things start to become stagnant they have an unparalleled ability to pull at their viewers heart strings and keep them on edge!

greys justin.PNG

Justin Chambers after voting

During the Presidential election each cast member with an instagram took it upon themselves to explain why voting is so important! Justin Chambers (seen above), posted on Instagram a simple photo of him with his “I Voted!” sticker and an even more simple caption of “Did you?”! Using his 1.8 MILLION followers to get votes in! Little did people notice, each cast member took a different stance during the election on Instagram including but not limited do: Demonstrating why Trump is not a good fit, why Hillary is a good fit, how important voting is, etc.. Needless to say, where they stand is very clear – is it wrong to use their viewers to support a political party? If its acceptable, should they? The most interesting part is how they were able to not only keep their viewers but grow while taking such a divided stance! Go Team Greys!

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1 Response to Greys Anatomy Forever?

  1. sydhavely says:

    The issue of spurring voter turn-out is hugely significant for not only the candidates and their party sponsors but perhaps for the country. Your post was about this issue but took it a step further asking whether doing this along with supporting a particular candidate is appropriate. I’m of the opinion they shouldn’t but it seems not to have hurt Grey’s Anatomy fans. If viewers, who maybe support the candidate their favorite cast member does, and they vote, maybe that’s good enough. Great post.

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