Should we build inspection system on social media

The India Express

In my last blog, I mentioned that China’s internet inspection system is excessive, with tight controls that have caused some fundamental problems, especially when it comes to young teenagers’ personal values. In this blog, I’m going to discuss whether or not it is necessary to impose censorship on the entire internet system. Censorship is supposed to filter out criminal activity. On March 15th, the New Zealand shooting event was broadcast by the 28-year-old Australian shooter. As Facebook has reported, the video was viewed about 200 times during the live broadcast. However, it was viewed about 4,000 times before it was removed. Meanwhile, copies of the video were spread to millions on other social media, such as You Tube and Twitter.

Actually, the New Zealand event is not the sole concern in regard to live broadcasting. I have read many news accounts of people broadcasting suicide on social media. As we know, in the digital era, people take advantage of social media to build new business models such as e-commerce with its great characteristics of easy learning and easy distribution. However, if criminals apply the business model to provoke the broadcasting of crime on the internet, what will the consequences be? Will crime broadcasting increase at an exponential rate?

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1 Response to Should we build inspection system on social media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Yes, that is precisely the issue. Behavioral influence and free speech can benefit both the responsible citizen and or social activist/entrepreneur/philanthropist as well as the criminal and mal-intended user. Well done and extremely important and topical.

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