When Sharing Is Not Caring

Kayla Itsines flexes her impressive pregnant muscles at 21 weeks!

With the new age of watching everything that comes out of a persons mouth upon us, when is sharing no longer caring? Social Media influencers such as Kayla Itsines sponsor ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to grow their following, as many others do as well. No big deal, right? Wrong! Kayla Itsines sponsors her popular workout App “sweat” where the main ad photo is nearly always a photo of her in a sports bra and shorts flexing in her gym. Now that Kayla is pregnant, the photo location, pose, and outfit have not changed. This doesn’t sound so terrible, until its on the persons page that just had a miscarriage or isn’t able to get pregnant at all!

In the era where everyone is sensitive and easily offended, one would think her Public Relations manager would advise against it. Unfortunately, these photos continue to plague Facebook and Instagram taunting people struggling to create a family. After speaking with a few women who fall into this category of struggling to get pregnant, I’ve found the biggest concern isn’t only the growing belly photos, its the detail in each photo of the experiences they aren’t able to have at the moment.

Kayla’s Ad isn’t just promoting her app, it details the personal events that occur when pregnant; swelling, weight gain, heat exhaustion. While these women are trying to see her willingness to open up to strangers as brave or a business strategy to gain moms and future moms its heartbreaking for the women that have a constant ad on their page flaunting the place in life they wish to be in.

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1 Response to When Sharing Is Not Caring

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done and a compelling topic, one women of different child-bearing capabilities are sure to take note of and perhaps offense at. You handled a sensitive subject respectfully yet candidly.

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