Celebrity Twitter Feuds

If you’ve ever tuned into any social media or entertainment platform, you’ve probably seen the effects the the Kardashian family has had on reality tv, fashion, and celebrity drama. Famous for being millionaires (although their father defending OJ Simpson in the first, major televised trial is an ironic coincidence), The Kardashian family has infiltrated our cell phones and tv screens. Their most recent earth shattering issue is family friend Jordyn Woods being caught with Khloe’s unscrupulous partner, basketball player Tristan Thompson. Shots have been fired from both parties regarding the night in question.


Celebrity Twitter battles aren’t new. Since Twitter emerged, stars take to Twitter to rebuke and rebuff each other.Who can forget the Cardi B-Nicki Minaj feud that took off last year when Cardi threw her shoe at Nicki. Fans immediately took to Twitter to support, diss, and fight with each other over people they will never meet.

Cardi and Nicki have since squashed their beef, but millions of tweets were shared by the public during their fight. People even changed their handles to show who they were supporting, like @TeamNickiBarbz above. But why are celebrity feuds so interesting for all of us at home? Why are we on the edge of our seats waiting for the other party to respond? Why do we care so much that we constantly refresh our screen hoping for an update? Because through social media platforms, we in the public can become part of the conversation. We can feel like we’ve inserted ourselves directly into the argument, as if we’re witnessing a fight in our own group of friends. We’re in their corner with them, ready to defend them against the haters. For each tweet sent, we’re praying that our response doesn’t get lost in the millions. Every so often, someone gets lucky and their tweet happens to get noticed.

When one of us lucky few happens to get through and be retweeted or responded to by a celebrity, it renews hope for the rest of us. We solidly stand by our super-star in complete faith that our support is going to make a difference. So we keep tweeting and keep refreshing.

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1 Response to Celebrity Twitter Feuds

  1. sydhavely says:

    It’s definitely a social media phenom for all the reasons you state. Well done.

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