Brita USA Gets Creative With The Bachelorette Cast

Chase Brody McNary Chooses his forever love, Brita Stream

Like most companies, Brita USA, is taking full advantage of the more cost effective way to advertise their products by using social media! The company posted a Sponsored Ad on Instagram where Brita’s actor – the popular fan favorite Bachelorette contestant Chase Brody McNary sits outside on a beautiful snowy day holding a single rose contemplating between a bottle of water and a “more stable” Brita water bottle. The gut wrenching ad concluded with Chase giving his final rose to the undeniable Brita Steam!

The Brita USA captioned the later post with “*Patiently waits for @chase_brody_mcnary to break up with bottled*”. Chase decided to profess his love in his own original follow up on Instagram captioned “With Valentines Day coming I need something to help quench all the thirst. I’ve decided to commit to the Brita Stream and break up with bottled water.  Now I can instantly pour filtered water on my own time! #Britaisbae”

More and more companies are opting out of the traditional, under viewed, and expensive ads and replacing them with a more cost effective social media ad such as this where their costs are as simple as the actors pay and any props needed! With The Bachelor and The Bachelorette’s extensive fan club, this ad caught quite the giggle from almost every audience it reached! Good choice Brita USA!

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1 Response to Brita USA Gets Creative With The Bachelorette Cast

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done post that clearly points to a trend harnessing the popular culture with brand advertising that is clever, watchable, and fits with the demographics. Nicely done.

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