Actress Kristen Bell Creates Huge Response for Special Needs NJ Students via Instagram


According to the news report, packages upon packages just keep on coming for Jacquie Campbel’s students at Thomas Wallace Middle School in Vineland, New Jersey where Ms. Campbel works as a special education teacher there.  The gifts are apparently from people all around the world, thanks to Kristen Bell.  Bell posted a link to the teacher’s Amazon wishlist on her Instagram page as part of the actress’ ‘Featured Teacher Friday’, which is a campaign to support teachers nationwide. 

“I’m just overwhelmed, said the special ed teacher. “This is just amazingoverwhelming. It’s crazy. It’s unexpected.”

It appears that Ms. Campbel’s sister, Elyse, nominated her for the feature as not only a special education teacher but a mom and foster parent who continues to lead a selfless life.

Ms. Campbel says underprivileged students at her school need this help.

“They struggle and they come into school with little to nothing,” she explained to Fox News.

This windfall is not only a feel-good smiler but indeed a testament to the positive side of social media coming to the aid of those less fortunate through a celebrity endorsement.  A shout-out in return to Ms. Bell.

Were this more than just a Wednesday night Fox 29 news smiler but indeed a coordinated and not-just-one-time occurrence locally would have been more amazing.  That would have created perhaps a 10th engagement category–stories that illustrate “paying it forward.”

We can only hope.



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