Has Trump Lost His Edge?

Friday, January 25th President Trump re-opened the government for a 3 week term in a surprising change of heart! Many of his supporters are concerned with the reasoning behind this, has he gone soft or is there a plan we don’t see yet? In either case, here’s where we stand:

  1. The government will re-open for a 3 week period in hopes the Democrats and Republicans will come to terms on a border safety plan.
  2. Many Trump supporters are questioning his ability to keep his promise, which could grately impact his 2020 re-election campaign. Citizens voted for President Trump due to his ability to stand up for what he believed this great nation needed. These same citizens are now unaware what the plan is and whether Trump is keeping his word or regrouping to come in at another angle.
  3. TSA – being some of the lowest paid government employees, have been calling out sick due to lack of money to get to work. The lack of employees allowed for a gun to get through security and onto an international flight. Fortunately for all parties involved, it was a true mistake and once realized, the passenger alerted the flight team and the Japanese securities met the plain upon landing.
President Trumps latest Instagram post fighting for the wall to be built
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1 Response to Has Trump Lost His Edge?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Question–what role, if any, did Trump’s tweets fail in his showdown High Noon with the Democrats?

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