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The Memeing of Life

Memes, we all love them.  They inundate the world around us via social media and the internet, and have become a common form of communication.  Chances are it is nearly impossible for any of us to get through the day … Continue reading

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Why Guns Don’t Belong in Classrooms

In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, one of the solutions floated to address gun violence in schools was to train and arm teachers. In November 2017, the New York times published these two charts in an article … Continue reading

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Right-swipe for Cardi B

Want @IamCardiB to perform at your school? Download @Tinder & swipe on campus. The school with the most right swipes wins a free @IamCardiB concert at the end of April. Open to select colleges/universities. Ends 4/17/18. For official rules visit … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Buzz

My neighborhood is all abuzz about being at the center of what’s become a national embarrassment for Starbucks, our city and my little neighborhood. On Friday, I saw the following tweet from the Philadelphia Police: We are aware of an … Continue reading

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Pardonnez-moi? Trump pardons Scooter.

On Friday, Trump granted a pardon to Lewis “Scooter” Libby. In case you have forgotten (or mentally blocked out) Scooter, he was the Chief of Staff to former Vice President, Dick Cheney. He was convicted of perjury and obstruction of … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. Like Mario jumping the barrel at just the right moment in an effort to defeat Donkey Kong and save the Princess, getting attention online is a matter of timing.  For personal branding, moments to jump onto a current … Continue reading

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The Facebook CEO’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick or “Mom, Dad, I Had a Little Accident Involving About 87 Million People…”

  The question that kept coming up during Mark Zuckerberg’s 2-day congressional testimony was, Just what is Facebook anyway? The other takeaway was the scene from Animal House when the Delta House fraternity brothers were confronted by Dean Wormer after … Continue reading

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