Can You Dig It?

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I believe in the stance that Civil Rights leaders have taken and understand that some of the largest paradoxes I have become aware of is learning the MLK was called a communist for not wanting war, was told that wanting equal rights made him an “uncle Tom”.  Malik El Hajj Shabazz (Malcolm X) was safer as a segregationist but his life was in peril and short-lived once he advocated for integration.

I try not to stray with my writing. I was told that I am not an academic writer by  one of my professors (I agree).  The truth may not be told because of being in academia, it is told by those unafraid to speak it. Those that will unabashedly describe what is uncomfortable to hear.  We fight for intellectual turf that may or may not belong to our genuine sense of thinking.  How eloquently a point of view is stated or what syllables are joined to describe the argument, may  or may not be attributed to attendance in a class of higher education but that is conformity to think alike (sometimes) but the point is the point.  Can you dig it?

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1 Response to Can You Dig It?

  1. sydhavely says:

    I’m having a problem understanding your post, George. I tried to, following the first paragraph of MLK’s many critics who sought any label to denigrate the great civil rights leader and his cause and arguments, but then I lost you in the second paragraph about truth and academia. I think also that something didn’t get pasted at the top where it just says, “untitled design.png.”

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