The Flower Children of the 21st Century: Tweeters and Grammers

Indio, California: population 88, 484. Indio, California during two back to back weekends in April every year: population 88,484 plus 125,000 visitors coming and going. The Coachella Arts and Music Festival has been flooding the town, and surrounding desert on a consecutive basis since 2001. The festival, which was once one day has grown to three day line up that occurs twice over the span of consecutive weekends. Accounting for festival, camp ground and parking sites it extends over 600 acres, into the Colorado desert. People from all walks of life come to experience the music, the food, the art and the partying. While Coachella’s growth can be contributed to the talent of it’s artists and performers, a likely larger contribution to that growth can be credited to the social media presence festival goers bring with them.

Who wouldn’t want to go to a place where people are posting pictures like this:


CBS Los Angeles

Food. Music. Art. Anything goes disposition. It’s the definition of an adult playground.

Then there is the envious fashion. While the art was originally not intended to be worn, Coachella has become a fashion show in it’s own right. Famous people and not- yet- discovered fashion enthusiast alike use the event to strut their stuff in the latest  trends. Major companies hone in on these individuals wearing their “festival” clothing and capitalize on low cost advertising. The followers of these people and these companies start fantasizing about what they’ll wear when they decide to attend next year.

And then, there’s the Beyonce of it all. If you haven’t seen it, below is only half of the festivals most powerful performance to date:


The  internet has lost their collective mind and dubbed this years festival #Beychella. Here is some feedback, from some highly influential, highly followed individuals regarding the performance. This type of hype shouldn’t have any effect on ticket sales next year…. none whatsoever….

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1 Response to The Flower Children of the 21st Century: Tweeters and Grammers

  1. sydhavely says:

    This was a music, social media, fashion, celebrity and “you are there” event. I read about Beyonce’s performance, as you showed, and your post certainly invites the reader into what the event was like. Coachella has certainly turned into a grand desert festival. Nicely captured.

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