Not a Fan of the Process but I love my Team

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To be honest, I was never a fan of the “Process” i.e. Losing on purpose so that you can increase the chances that your team picks higher in the annual NBA Draft.  “The Process”, affectionately dubbed by the passionate fans of all things Philadelphia, has made national news because in this instance, it appears to have worked.  As a fan who labored through those seasons and attended games, I can tell you that I hate the “process”.

The truth of the matter is, the savvy moves made before the season (JJ. Redick) and during the season by GM Jerry Colangelo, signing two veteran players from overseas, Ersan Illyasova and Marco Belinelli were the difference in this team making such a prolific run!

The Philadelphia 76ers have taken a page out of the Eagles playbook (pun intended) and made team chemistry a priority.  It’s all about the culture in an organization!  Regardless where this team ends up when the season is over, they have given pride and passion back to a city that is becoming renown for teams where culture eats strategy for lunch! Oh……….and WINNING!

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