Group Texts – A Technological Annoyance


Oh, the group text.  How useful you are but how painfully annoying you can be.  We often do not want you but need you in order to efficiently share information with a group of people.  You are like email’s annoying little brother that refuses to stop talking.

Yeah, this is pretty much my reaction when stuck in an unrelenting group text thread.  Sure, I can silence my phone as the number of texts in the thread grows from 20 to 50 to 80 and so on, but I know they are there, slowly growing in the dark like an unwanted mold problem.

A group text thread is like a rain storm.  The initial text is like the beginning drizzle of the rain storm.  Soon, however, everyone is texting, adding their commentary to the discussion, and the drizzle becomes a full deluge that seems like it will never end.  Like a rain storm, a group thread eventually comes to an end, but we all know that there will be another storm in the near future.

Oh, and my family’s group texts are the worst.  They last way too long and are usually nonsense (wow, writing that just made me feel like a grumpy old man).

But this is very similar to my experience on a typical Saturday morning:

My family finds some reason to engage in a group thread just about every Saturday(while writing this, my phone just chimed again letting me know that the current family group thread is still alive when I foolishly thought the rain had stopped!).  This week it is about Saint Patrick’s Day, so everyone is trying to one-up each other by sharing a funny video or picture related to the holiday.  A typical example of the nonsense that I must endure would be someone texting the picture below and saying that it resembles someone in the family.  Not to be outdone, everyone would then feel compelled to add a “funny” remark and send additional photos that would then solicit additional remarks.  This sometimes goes on for over an hour.  I kid you not, OVER AN HOUR.



Photo from the movie Leprechaun courtesy of 

I am sure I sound like a curmudgeon and perhaps I am, but these threads are so common and unrelenting that they are a real pain to deal with .  If I put my phone on silent, then I might miss a text or important call from someone else.  I can’t get out of the thread because it is still the way that my family shares important information, like whose house we are going to for Easter.  Also, if I ask to have them not include me, then I am essentially being a total antisocial jerk.  I guess I am just stuck with no option but to wait the storm out each time it starts.  It will eventually stop but it sure is annoying while it lasts.


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  1. sydhavely says:

    There’s always this solution–
    Great post.

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