Is Facebook Becoming the New LinkedIn?

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Maybe not quite.  But they’re certainly heading in the right direction.

Just last year, Facebook provided users in the U.S. and Canada the ability to search for, and apply to jobs on their site.  Now, they’re expanding to make this feature available in 40 more countries around the globe.

If you’re like me, and had absolutely no idea this was happening, that’s not even the most impressive part.  In an online survey of 5,000 adults conducted by Morning Consult, “one in four people in the U.S. said they searched for, or found a job using Facebook”.  Here are some more astounding figures provided by Morning Consult’s survey:

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Where LinkedIn falters, Facebook has quickly been able to pick up the slack.  LinkedIn wasn’t exactly designed for “low-skilled job seekers”, however, there still exists a need to fill these positions in many small business and local organizations.  That’s where Facebook has seen an opportunity and seized it.

Businesses can post job openings to either the ‘Jobs’ tab on their company FB page, the Jobs Dashboard, Facebook Marketplace or the News Feed in general, where job seekers can then click to apply.  Facebook has made even this cumbersome process much easier.  Applicants have the ability to auto-fill applications with the information provided on their Facebook profile, edit and submit their application, and then communicate via Messenger to schedule interviews. argues that this launch could ultimately help Facebook steal a cut of the $1.1 billion in revenue LinkedIn recently brought in from their 2017 Q4.  More importantly, however, Facebook hopes to provide a new, more accessible platform for job seekers out there who might not have the most impressive resumes, but require work nonetheless.  In many ways, this is the perfect place for such opportunities, seeing as so many people spend so much of their time on Facebook already.

But with this new tool, I wonder, could there be some drawbacks?  For instance, employers would now have a direct route to your online profile, and all that you say, do and post.  It’s no secret that employers are already looking us up before we even walk through the door, but now it would be easier than ever.  Could this discourage potential users?  Would this turn you away?  Or would the benefits ultimately outweigh the costs?

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2 Responses to Is Facebook Becoming the New LinkedIn?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting how Facebook keeps reinventing its mission. Obviously they saw a gap in LinkedIn and this new Jobs tab may be just such an opportunity to whittle away at the business-oriented platform. Well done. Remember, no class next week. I’ll post Adam Preset’s slides and my presentation on “Harnessing the Social Network.” Have a great spring break.

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