“They’re Out for Blood!” How a Sunday Brunch with Friends Turned into POC Activist Hate Day.


After a very eventful past few weeks on social media as pointed out by Sydhaley, the outrage continued this week, but surprisinlgy at the local level.

I’ll briefly describe the conversation I had at brunch last Sunday with some of my “best” friends, two of which I had met about 10 years ago while attending Temple. 10 years might just be enough…

These long-time friends mentioned a scandal that is currently shaking up the Gayborhood in Philadelphia. They tag teamed their points as they spoke about the Black and Brown Workers Collective of Philadelphia and their “search for blood” after asking for the resignation of the Mazzoni Center’s Medical Director,  Dr. Robert Winn. Here is a post from the individual who got the attention from the activist group…

I was aware of the scandal through my social media, so, I was prepared to snap back at any moment with a counter argument. As a gay man and a Colombian-American, I tend to side with the marginalized groups these activists aim to protect. Especially when a situation escalates to the point of needing a legal investigation. After all, why would anyone seek to remove the doctor you sought treatment for unless he/she purposefully abused you wether it be violently or sexually?

My friends, on the other hand, were not understanding my point. They chose to believe that since they hadn’t personally experienced any inappropriate behavior while under his professional care that this scandal could just be another “ploy” from a POC activist group trying to ruin the lives of white people in power. I tried to convey to them that oftentimes people in positions of power will abuse said power against the most vulnerable. In this case, it was troubled, gay youth who happened to be POC. I likened it to the kind of abuse you hear will sometimes occur between a Catholic priest and his underage victim.

Apparently, they found that funny. They then used another example to support “their search for blood” argument when they brought up a Gayborhood bar owner who recently went viral on social media when a video surfaced of him referring to his customers as the N-word. Here’s the clip if you so dare…

It was not a good look for him, or his bar as many people in the area and activist groups, including the Black and Brown Workers Collective, organized a boycott by labeling it a racist den. With reason, right?

My “friends” think otherwise. According to them, he has apologized publicly and profusely, and therefore that should be enough for people of color to easily forget the situation even occurred.  Yes, I am often the only POC at brunch with these people and the only idiot who has the patience to deal with their subtle racism. Good thing there was lots of wine. * gulp*

Some people say you don’t know who you’re friends are until you travel with them. Yeah, I am going to have to amend that by saying that you don’t really know them until you brunch with them.

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1 Response to “They’re Out for Blood!” How a Sunday Brunch with Friends Turned into POC Activist Hate Day.

  1. sydhavely says:

    Advocacy, as you say, is a many-sided coin. As to who your friends are, I’ll never forget the advice of a mountain climber I very much admired. “Don’t go on an expedition with someone unless you really know them. Your life may depend on it.” In a way, you’re saying something similar about friends. “How do you get to know them, and do you really know them?” Great post.

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