How are you spending your time, today?

A recent study conducted by MediaKix, produced this really interesting info graphic (below) that outlines how much time we spend on social media in a very eye-opening way. There are a few aspects of these findings that I find particularly scary, specifically when it comes to how much time we spend on social media versus the time we take doing things that most people would probably say are more important.

For example, based upon this estimation,  I will spend more time on social media than actually socializing with other people. Based upon how my life is at the moment, being so busy with work and school, I could honestly see this as the truth. This is a very scary reality because I worry that social media, although it has its positives, is stripping us away from what is really important.

The bottom section of the graphic which displays what you could do instead with the amount of time that we are projected to spend on social media is a real eye-opener. Examples such as climb Mt. Everest 32 times and run 10k+ marathons, while unrealistic, show the true value of what we are missing with our faces in our phones. We could be seeing beautiful things in real life rather than viewing them through a screen, covered by an Instagram filter.

While I do not intend to stop using social media, I think this information is good to keep in the back of my mind when making decisions about how I want to spend my time. I want to try to remind myself more often that the picture, while it may get me some “likes” online, is only worth it for me if it has meaning based on an experience. In order to have meaning in an experience, I need to be present in the moment, rather than worrying about if I can get a great photo to put on my Snapchat story.


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One Response to How are you spending your time, today?

  1. sydhavely says:

    I think the important question, which you have raised, is how we spend our time and hence our life, limited though it is when you realize it is finite and that that exercise will lead you to a more productive and hence fulfilling existence. It may be watching a small screen or through unfiltered lenses at something awesome. If you take nothing else away from the course, that will have been worthwhile enough from my point of view. Insightful post.

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