How will I do it?

Social media has become a ‘must’ for most organizations, groups, and institutions. Having a Facebook page or Twitter account has become embedded into business strategies for marketing, constituent/customer communication, and recruiting. Like many of us discovered in this class, social media management is a full time job requiring advance planning, constant analysis, execution, and modification. Many organizations have not caught on and do not have a dedicated social media strategist or manager, that the duties falls on employees who already have a full plate filled with other duties. How can these individuals manage this work and maintain a consistent social media strategy and presence when we have limited time and resources?

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and planning a social media campaign to build more alumni community and increase our engagement numbers, but I feel a bit discouraged when I think about how many more hours I would have to put in to my work week to execute and sustain the strategy on top of my long list of duties. Here are some guidelines that I’ve set for myself in managing our Facebook page as we launch our Facebook campaign.

  1. Spend a 1-2 hours a week and schedule posts a week in advance. Monitor posts a few minutes a day.
  2. Boost Reach and Engagement on Facebook. This paid feature shares and promotes your dedicated post to specific demographic populations within your network. There are some criteria and guidelines in doing so.
  3. Generate branded social media graphics in advance. We organize a lot of events, so going an extra step in creating event graphics for social media will go a long a way.
  4. Make creating a Facebook event page for events a priority. We usually send email invites and use a CRM (Customer Relations Management) platform to manage registration/attendance list. Have a Facebook event page link would widen our outreach and make it easier for users to share with one another and see who is coming. Furthermore, you can link a Facebook Live session link on the page, make it easier for users who’ve RSVP-ed to view the program remotely.
  5. Share original content posted by alumni members from our communities.
  6. Use photographs from past events. We have an excellent collection of photos from most of our past programs and most of our programming is cyclical and annual, using past photos would help us build excitement and connections to alumni.
  7. Advance level (3 months from now), once a social media brand has been established, work with alumni volunteers (give them posting privileges) to have them post their own photos and content as it relates to the current campaign.
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One Response to How will I do it?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Exactly. Once you come to see social media as a living, breathing, changing, and organic tool, you understand how important it is to keep on top of it, just as you would communicating with your friends and family. Maybe you wouldn’t sweat so many of the details, but you would certainly spend a lot of time thinking about how they are and what you want to say to them. Great post and summary of what social media as a tool should mean to those who want to use it to advance their organizational or even personal goals.

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