Don’t be fooled!


How many times have I buy or go places based on Instagram posts? I have lost count, but one thing for sure, no matter how many time I got fooled by the pretty, attractive photos I have seen on Instagram, I would fall for it once again. I thought it is my problem, that I couldn’t resist to attractive stuffs when I see one, but when I saw this interesting article, I realized I wasn’t the only one. This article is called “Reminder: Instagram Is Not a Recommendation App“. It’s funny to read the article, but as soon as I finished reading it, I knew that same waiting thing happened to me. Since social network had opened a large new market through internet, people who wanted to gain more attention and also have skills went online, and posted their creation or business online. Often times, photos or videos they took are amazing, and attractive. So it will attract customers to buy it. However, due to the inefficiency and incompleteness of the entire business, it will sometimes lack of certain services alongside customers’ purchase. For instance I bought an iPhone case through a link on Instagram, waited for two month, and broken just after I got it for a week. They sometimes ignore the most important part of doing business — quality, instead, their powerful marketing method did attract many customers. However, these customers are one time only, and they will never return as a customer again once they bought it once.

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One Response to Don’t be fooled!

  1. sydhavely says:

    So true. Good post.

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