A Little Birdie Told on Bill


Sleeping Giants is the handle of an organization on Twitter. This organization sole purpose is to stop racist and sexist media by stopping its ad dollars.   Enter in Bill O’Reilly.

When information starting popping up about sexual harassment suits against Bill O’Reilly Sleeping Giants tweeted out its followers the following message:


Sleeping Giants’ tweet regarding allegations of Bill O’Reilly sexually harassing several women



There was overwhelming support of Sleeping Giants taking on the giant of cable news. So what happened? Sleeping Giants sent out a Google doc to all its followers letting them know which businesses supported Bill O’Reilly. The task of the followers was to simply let those companies know the actions of Bill O’Reilly by tagging them in a tweet.

After a while… as in very soon companies had to make the hard decision on whether to remain affiliated with Bill O’Reilly after specifically being tagged in public regarding allegations that were less than favorable.

Soon many advertisers were pulling their ads from the O’Reilly factor and issuing tweets about it.

Ultimately these actions (a combination of the allegations and lost of funding) lead to Bill O’Reilly being fired from the Fox network.   This was relatively fast considering that the Sleeping Giants post happened in early April. The unfortunate thing is that the actions of Bill didn’t really seal his fate…it was the lost of funding…due mainly to social media shaming.

And while it seems there was surmounting evidence that Bill O’Reilly had a history of this type of behavior… I worry about the instance of social media shaming being done to a person that is not deserving of it. I guess we’ll just have to see what the future holds.


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One Response to A Little Birdie Told on Bill

  1. sydhavely says:

    Exactly. “Here comes everybody” can act as either a sword of justice or a stampeding mob. Well drawn and apt post not to mention timely.

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