Penn Guardian: Mobile Safety App


Considering recent events, I thought it would be a good idea to promote a service, known as Penn Guardian that is available to all Penn students, faculty and staff. This allows you to communicate and share information with Public Safety’s dispatchers via mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.  This service is FREE to the Penn community but is opt-in only so please register today.

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to walk alone on campus at night but don’t want to use or feel uncomfortable using walking escort service?  There is a great feature known as the Safety Timer that can help.  Just enter in the estimated duration for travel from point A to point B.  Once the time is up you will receive an alarm requesting to enter your pin.  If you do not enter your pin in time, the dispatchers will be notified, they will be able to see your GPS coordinates and send the police.  It is important to note that they only have access to your GPS coordinates once the timer expires.

Have you ever seen something suspicious taking place on campus but feel silly reporting it for one reason or another?  The anonymous crime reporting feature is a great tool to solve this problem.  Just shoot a quick text message and the dispatchers will be able to communicate with you in real-time and in a confidential manner.

Do you have allergies to certain medications that would be important for first responders to know about?  You can add this information in your profile so if you ever have to contact Penn Police this information will be shared with them immediately.  Other information such as emergency contacts, preferred healthcare providers and alternate addresses can be added as well to help get you the care you need.

All of this sounds great but is there too much personal information being shared with Public Safety? Good question.  Privacy is of the utmost importance and this is a 100% opt-in service.  You only provide what you want to provide, nothing more, nothing less. Public Safety has worked with Audit, Compliance & Privacy to ensure the vendor follows the University’s strict standards for data protection.

Please sign up today!

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One Response to Penn Guardian: Mobile Safety App

  1. sydhavely says:

    Totally agree, David. A friend who works in security for a private school in New England ends his emails with this:”ERM – Everybody is a Risk Manager- See Something, Say Something !”
    Great post and timely.

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