Marking Your Territory…with a Fence


In the age of predicative analytics, stores like Target can market to you based on your spending habits…possibly making you buy items that you didn’t even think you needed…but will more than likely use.   At least with this, there is some logic behind Target advertising the newest Tampon feminine product line to a particular person instead sending that same advertisement to the shopper who is consistently buying aftershave and Old Spice deodorant.

But the thing with that is…this type of targeted advertisement is generally aiming for your next planned future visit. And that’s great… but how do you get the customer that is shopping next door at PetSmart to come into Target? Or the person that is driving by the store exit to come in and shop? Geofencing advertisement is the answer. If it hasn’t already happened to you… it will. Coming to a 4 minute driving or walking radius near you!

Example of a Geofence Advertisement/Coupon 

The concept is relatively simple, the advertising entity would designate a geographical region. If a person with a GPS emitting mobile device enters into said region… then advertisements would begin. Whether its an email or text message… enticing you to come visit.


How Geofencing Works

So does this make sense for business to have this as part of their business strategy? Absolutely!  I mean everyone has a smartphone and chances are its emitting some type of GPS location.   Also most smart phone users use their devices to locate items in their immediate vicinity so companies making smartphone users aware of their presence helps. Additionally it seems like most advertisers that use Geofencing advertisement send out coupons….which can be quite awesome for the user.

I understand companies can even use Geofencing to capture your attention when your headed for the near-by competition. Imagine as you are entering the shopping center driving towards Target and up pops a nice coupon a favorite item of your at Walmart. If the drive is only the next shopping center over…why not drive over to Walmart… I mean Target and Walmart have the same items…right? It would just completely suck if once you got over to Walmart, Target then started advertising something amazing.

Maybe there is a way you can limit the number of advertisements from a genre of vendors in a day? Because let’s just be honest, nobody wants to experience buyer’s remorse for the sake of a Geofence advertisement tug-of-war.

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One Response to Marking Your Territory…with a Fence

  1. sydhavely says:

    Absolutely on point. Well done and explained, Syreeta.

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