Seems like with social media there is a relationship with the use of filters. Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook have awesome ways to allow the user to upload photos and video to give an embellished look to the user’s visual artwork. And while these filters alter visual imagery… whats even more fascinating is the platform that social media has given for one’s ability to not have to filter one’s thoughts, opinions, or written word.

Platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook have given rise to a number of people, companies, celebrities, politicians and the public to be very direct when making comments. Companies like Wendy’s allow their Twitter account manager much latitude when it comes to answering the questions of Wendy’s twitter fans:



These responses are not the typical “service-with-a-smile” refrain, yet Wendy’s allows for it and the public mostly tolerates it.

But at times the unfiltered speech becomes problematic. This past summer Milo Yiannopoulos made such targeted inflammatory comments about Leslie Jones to the point where he got permanently banned.   Its unfortunate that Leslie had to endure the trauma of being trolled, but to many that watched this twitter exchange un fold, it wasn’t surprising as Milo had already said some unfiltered statements:


As we move into this new era of ‘direct’ communication via social media, the lines of ‘political correctness’ will have to be redrawn if they are to even exist. As this happens, commentary on social media will not only be more direct but also more immediate. The more immediate, the less time to filter, the less time to filter the more genuine the response…right?   The only problem with this is… knee jerk responses have the potential to be permanent flubs. And yes while some would argue that there is no such thing as bad PR…the wrong type of social media PR can cause some major problems… just ask Milo.

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One Response to Unfiltered

  1. sydhavely says:

    Agree. We have filters for a reason, personal as well as professional. Spoken as well as tweeted. Important to remember. Thanks for posting.

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