Social Media Training for Law Enforcement?


United Airlines Re-accommodates passenger David Dao on overbooked flight on Sunday April 9, 2017

I recently watched a YouTube video of a man get dragged from a plane by airport security because he refused to give up his seat. From what I understand the scenario was an overbooked flight that required 4 people to give up seats.   Apparently there was not enough volunteers so 4 individuals were ‘volun-told’.  Three of the 4 gave up their seats while the fourth…well he wasn’t as agreeable. It was said the reason for the ‘re-accommodation’ of all 4 passengers was to allow the airline staff to be accommodated.

Regardless of whether it was ethical to force a paying a customer to give up a seat to airline staff… All that was seen was a disheveled, limp man being dragged through a tight airline aisle through a crowd of people, some of which were screaming of the injustice being done.

This makes me wonder… does law enforcement, security or anyone person that may have to perform their job in the presence of onlookers… is there any type of training, or awareness on how to behave/perform duties due to social media backlash?

Body Camera on Police Officer 

I know there have been studies regarding the use of body cameras on police. The thought there was that it would help to minimize the use of force unnecessarily… but since its introduction its just too early to tell whether the body camera truly helps to make officers more cognizant of their actions during a time of an adrenaline rushing event.

From the looks of it… I don’t think there is training. I feel like their might not because for every video posted of a untoward incident … it gives someone the opportunity to construct a narrative that might help to explain that actions of law enforcement in this particular incident…or you might have a spokesperson release a completely tone deaf statement with the hopes that onlookers of the video will start to view the incident in an un-sensationalize manner as well.

The worse part is that often the person physically abused will have their life dissected as if to further justify that this singular action is allowable due to the personal transgressions of the abused.   Hmmm that makes me wonder should potential victims be worried about their actions/interactions with law enforcement due to the painful aftershock of their personal information being released on social media?

Maybe with the prevalence of social media it might cause both law enforcement and civilians to behave more humane instead worrying about giving more depth and point of view of our two dimensional interactions.

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One Response to Social Media Training for Law Enforcement?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Lots of issues, here, Syreeta, For sure, the dragging of a customer from his paid-for seat, risking and indeed causing bodily harm is cause in an of itself for training. The use of body cams is, as you say, in its early stages of analysis as to its effect on police or, for that matter, victim/perpetrator behavior. As to the CEO’s statement, that, to me, at least his initial one, was both tone-deal, unresponsive, careless, inappropriate, and suggestive of poor counsel. Lots here to look at as a business case study. Thanks for posting.

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